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The Agreement

  • A self-employed entity relationship will be made between the clients and Digicrowd Solution, and no association or joint endeavor is expected or inferred by one or the other party.
  • Both parties shall mutually agree upon the commencement date of the services, and charges shall be applicable accordingly from the date.
  • A monthly report of the services shall be provided to the clients.
  • Either party may not terminate or fully transfer the service obligations to another service provider without prior notice of at least 10 working days.
  • Digicrowd Solution maintains whatever authority is needed to subcontract an outsider specialist co-op for a portion of the help errands.
  • An individual who isn’t involved with the agreement will not have any privileges under or regarding it.


  • If clients benefit from any month-to-month administration bundle of Marketing Hub they are obliged to pay a full chargeable sum before the beginning of the work.
  • If Digicrowd Solution and the client settle on a decent statement regarding any administration, then they are responsible for paying half of the billable sum ahead of time, preceding the beginning of the work. The excess half of the installment should be made somewhere around 7 days after the beginning date of the administration.
  • Digicrowd Solution will invoice clients on a monthly basis in advance.
  • If the clients fail to remit payment for a monthly invoice as per the agreed terms, Digicrowd Solution reserves the right to immediately terminate the service, in such scenario, Digicrowd Solution shall not be held liable to provide a thirty-day prior notice.


  • Digicrowd Solution shall not be responsible for screening the material or any harm or misfortunes of benefit, generosity, or any business resource because of the nature of the content being advanced
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