Features we offer as a school software development company in Lucknow

We, as a school software development company in Lucknow, offer a large scale of features to create smooth-running management tasks, level up your communication, and improve your overall regulation within the educational foundation. Here are some of the major features you can see while using our school management software.

best school management software provider in Lucknow

Our software allows you to store and manage your student's data, including their details like attendance, records, academic performance, and more, which helps you have proper information about every single student who has been admitted to your school or among your colleagues.

Our school management software in Lucknow, which we develop for your school management, is easy and hand-friendly to use. Our school management software helps you create admission and enrollment processes by developing online application forms for your school, manages and helps in managing your student registration, and also helps in tracking the enrollment status of your students.

Our software helps you keep an eye on and track your students attendance, absence records, and many more things. It also delivers information to your students' parents or guardians about their child's information, like attendance, etc.

With the help of our software, you can also manage class students, assign teachers to their specific classes, and more. It helps you while providing your own data analysis of your students and staff based on their timing and scheduling.

Our school management software will assist you in managing examinations. It will also create question papers, schedule online or offline examinations, and generate results and reports.

best school management software provider in Lucknow

Manage your school with the best school management software provider in Lucknow.

Digicrowd Solution, a school management software provider in Lucknow, offers a wide range of school software management services in Lucknow that will enhance your school's management in various administrative and academic areas within your school foundation. Here is a list of the major points that are included in the report that we developed for you.

  • School Information System : School management software in Lucknow, which we developed for you, has features that will manage your student's records, including personal details, contact information, and more. It will help you track student attendance and generate reports. It will manage your students' admission transfers and withdrawals. Our software will generate ID cards and maintain a proper photo gallery for your students.
  • Teacher Management : Our school management software in Lucknow, which we deliver to you, has the feature of creating a database of teacher profiles, including their qualifications and contact information, which will help in your teacher management.
  • Attendance Management : Our software records and manages all the students' and teachers' attendance. It will generate attendance reports and summaries for the students and teachers. It will also track late arrivals and early departures. It will also send automated attendance notifications to your student's parents.
  • Timetable Management : The software that we customize for your school has a feature called timetable management, which helps you create and manage class timetables. It will help you assign subjects, teachers, and classrooms to specific time slots.
  • Examination and Grading : Our school management software in Lucknow, which we customize for your school, has a feature called examination and grading, which creates and manages examination schedules and subjects. Our school management software records and manages students' marks and grades according to their performance, calculates grade point averages and generates progress reports.
  • Parent Portal : When we develop your software, we keep in mind that nothing should be missed and you shouldn't face any kind of problem. The parent portal is one of the main and major features of our software, which we define as a portal for parents to access information about their child's progress. This feature allows students' parents to communicate with teachers and administrators. This parent portal feature enables access to important documents and resources.
  • Staff and Administration Tools : This feature of our software focuses on user management and access control. It allows HR and payroll management; it also manages inventory and asset management.
  • Integration and Customization : This feature will help you integrate with other systems, such as accounting software or the learning management system of your school. Our school management software in Lucknow, which we develop for your schools, has customizable workflows to suit the specific needs of the institution.

A guide on how Digicrowd Solution implements school management software for schools

Requirement analysis and consultation are two of the most important points in the school management software development process. We, as a school software development company in Lucknow, understand the needs and expectations of your project and define its scope and objectives. Our primary goal is to identify the major requirements that the software that we develop for you should meet to satisfy your needs.

We help you with system configuration and customization. We set up and optimize your software in such a way that it is easy to use. While we customize your software, we always update it and make regular modifications to it to suit your preferences and needs.

We help you with the data migration and integration of your school management software. Data migration refers to the process of transferring data from one system to another. Our school management software in Lucknow does this work for you and saves you time. Transferring data will involve databases, applications, and more.

We provide the most effective user training and support to ensure the successful implementation and usage of the school management software by schools.

Our school management software in Lucknow provides you with the most comprehensive go-live and post-implementation assistance to run a smooth transition and effective usage of your school management software.

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