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Responsive Web Design Lucknow Best Practices

Responsive Web Design Lucknow Best Practices

The Ultimate Tips, Tricks, and Responsive Web Design Lucknow Best Practices for 2023

With the rise of the internet, businesses are coming online to grow and increase profit. But to represent business online you need to have a responsive website. That supports all devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets. The fact is that people spend up to 5 hours a day with a smartphone, and 56.79% of the world's web traffic is started from mobile devices (excluding tablets), creating a strong market for mobile development needs.

But the 'mobile version' of the website still can't catch up with many smartphone and tablet sizes and resolutions. This is where responsive web design comes into play; the ability to create a self-updating & adapt independently website.

A responsive website will look beautiful on your mobile, tablet, and desktop.

This article will give you everything you need to know about a responsive website in 2023 including "What is Responsive Web Design?", the benefits of responsive web design, and the understanding of responsive web design that will meet the needs of 2023.

A Quick Refresher – What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is a web design method or technology that adapts your website to different screen and window sizes on various devices. For example, as your content is large enough to fit into the screen, it is divided into columns on the laptop screen. On the phone, if you divide your content into lines, it will be harder for users to read and interact with. Design can provide many separate elements and designs for different devices depending on size.

Responsive web design measures design and content, allowing users to see everything they want to see (without missing or cropped images) without the need to build custom sites for mobile devices or other large screens today.Therefore, if you are searching for a web designing company in Lucknow? You can go with Digicrowd Solution the best web designing company in Lucknow with over 5 years of experience and knowledge.

Responsive Web Design vs Adaptive Web Design

The difference between responsive web design and adaptive web design is that responsive web design displays one page for all devices but adaptive design is made multiple for every single device. Responsive web design is one version for all screen sizes and resolutions, It is fast and affordable. However, a single image sizing or padding mistake can affect your user experience. On the other hand adaptive web design is costly, time-consuming, and built separately.

Why Responsive Web Design Is Important

Responsive web design is important for your business and your business image as the first impression is the last impression as already discussed 75% of the traffic on your website falls from mobile. If your website is not mobile-responsive it can be a big turn-off for your business. Lastly for over 5 years, mobile has become the biggest means of advertisement.

Yes, you read it correctly Mobile can be your advertisement channel if you choose social media ads on Instagram or YouTube 95% of your traffic will come from mobile users. Even in the pandemic mobile ad revenue is 92 billion.

A responsive website is very important for business as it can result in growth and can improve your search engine ranking otherwise all your hard work and money will be in vain. If you want to grow online and have a responsive website that can generate organic leads. Contact Digicrowd Solution now the best web designing company in Lucknow.

SEO and Responsive Web Design in 2023

Having a responsive web design in 2023 is not enough to improve ranking and rank on the first page of Google it requires (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. A Responsive website is a priority but SEO is a necessity. If you want to rank on Google, you need to follow its guidance. Google wants to deliver its customers the best and unique results so it created algorithms. If you fulfill all the conditions Google will put you on its first page. The fulfillment of all the conditions of a search engine is called SEO. To rank first in organic search results of Google and grow your web traffic & leads connect with Digicrowd Solution today the best web designing company in Lucknow.

Responsive Design Simplifies Website Maintenance

Responsive website maintenance is cost-effective & easy. You can change content, style, or adjust anything from just one control panel. It loads faster and increases the reach of mobile and tablet users. Therefore, if you want cost cost-effective and Responsive website contact Digicrowd Solution today the best web designing company in Lucknow.

Elements of Responsive Web Design

There are four elements of responsive web design


HTML and CSS are two different computer languages. Both are used to control website page content, design, and layout. HTML is used for content and structure while CSS is for design and display of the webpage interface.

Media Queries

Media queries are used for site automation. They allow, the site to automatically adjust its width and height to fit any screen resolution. It is used to make the page interface responsive so the user can easily interact.

Flexible Layouts

While the media queries are great for tweaking styling, there are other ways to create layouts using a flex grid. These help reduce the number of media queries needed as they always respond to multiple screens. There are three flexible layouts

• fluid design layouts

• grids

• flexbox.

Responsive Images and Media

Images and media are also important for the website. Furthermore, for a responsive website, both of them should also be optimized and responsive for all devices. Images and media can improve your layout and creativity on your website. It can also help users to interact better, and improve user experience.

Hire a Web Designer for Responsive Web Design

If you have read the article and are planning to have a responsive website or already have one and want it to make it a responsive website then do not go anywhere other than Digicrowd Solution the best website design company in Lucknow. Digicrowd Solution is the top web designing company in Lucknow as well as in India. Digicrowd Solution web designing company in Lucknow has over 5 years of experience and are the best web designers in Lucknow.

They have been carefully planned and trained to be built and designed for a responsive and fast website. If you need help designing and building a responsive website, we can help. We create handmade websites based on your specific needs

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